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My Super Bowl weekend I spent rebuilding my workday computer workstation. Sometimes the painful truth of the perverse nature of inanimate objects slaps you upside the head. We all know the drill. The whine is ready before its time. No drive whine for me. A new fat SSD rocks.

I probably install more versions of a lot of Autodesk apps than most folk. Afterall the Framework for Civil…

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I fear that my provocative choice of title here may get this website black-listed as an alt-right or racist conspiracy perpetrator by the nameless and faceless algorithms at Google, Bing, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. As an admitted serial entrepreneur and disruptive small business person the lack of persons personally accountable in that process distresses me, as it should you. That…

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Autodesk finally got around to much-needed, major improvements in basic AutoCAD functionality to manage and employ both Named Views, the MVIEW command, and XREF layer overrides in all AutoCAD based software with the recent release of the AutoCAD 2018.1 Update.

It’s About Time – Our Time

These new and improved core AutoCAD tools should mean you can produce better…

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I mumbled Export from Civil 3D things for civil engineers and surveyors; waved my hands about DWF; and then sent the folks off to go paint the fence and wash the dishes. As with many useful skills in life:

Doing Offers the Eyes to See


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The Release 7 Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 wave is almost upon us. Here’s the first swell in the set. We released a free Layer Standards Update this week to all the current Framework for Civil 3D products. That free download includes Release 7 Framework InstantOn and Jump Kit products for 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Framework customers get the good stuff. They ride the…

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