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The on-going Style Maintenance of our Civil 3D templates is a significant and complex information management problem. There is the raw numbers problem. There are lots of kinds of Civil 3D Feature Styles and Civil 3D Label Styles for us to manage.

There is the larger critical path Style problem - the variety of purpose. The real user need…

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Last time we explored Intelligent Publish on Demand method and practice inside Civil 3D with the new Surface Spot Label Style Expressions Set that is now available to Release 8 Jump Kit customers for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020. Yes. Even the basic rewards from Label Style Expression Set AddOns are substantial.

Before we address the…

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How we must express ourselves and our Civil 3D Surface data with Spot Elevation Labels is far from the simple task it first appears. We all know nothing in Civil 3D as simple as it first appears. We face the somewhat unnerving deliverables publication challenge of What if.

What if our client’s reasonable demand for a specific civil engineering…

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Your organization or firm invests money in the world’s most popular civil engineering and design software – Autodesk Civil 3D. You (or someone else) works hard to make the Civil 3D software run productively and publish your civil engineering design or survey work acceptably. Odds are you have something that works. Can we do better? Can we improve that?

Every Civil 3D expert and most experienced…

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I flap my lips, wave my hands about, and rant all the time about the importance of the Proactive System Management of the project-based Civil 3D data behind. Yes. This Civil 3D DREF stuff is important. A customer success story surrounding this Civil 3D model magic makes my day.

One Framework for Civil 3D customer, a Civil 3D CAD Manager for a good-sized…

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