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Happy New Year! Let’s proactively start the New Year with a talk about some practical Autodesk Civil 3D realities.

I manage and maintain an enormous set of Civil 3D Style resources for more versions and flavors of Civil 3D. Most folks see these manifested in the Framework for Civil 3D products that are delivered from this site. I had to learn the hard way to systematically…

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Let’s have a Happy New Year with Civil 3D. Should we wrap up the calendar year 2023 and unwrap a collection of the Top Ten Civil 3D Production Tips? Why not. Everyone loves a top ten list. I used the production word here not the productivity one even though both do apply in this context.

This post has a decided Civil 3D management and implementation bias…

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We all occasionally hear the refrain or claim: “Our projects in Civil 3D are too small to make Data References (DREFs) and Data Shortcuts worth the effort. We manage to get most of our work done in one drawing.”

We can work this way in Autodesk Civil 3D.
Folks do successfully work without DREFs every day in Civil 3D Land.
Like it or…

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Autodesk continues the annual Get Ready for Autodesk University barrage of important product updates. For reasons that may, or may not, be obvious to all the folks in Civil 3D Land the updates remain focused on the Autodesk Cloud products. This week’s Autodesk Cloud goody is the latest and greatest Autodesk Desktop Connector (ADC).


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This week the prize for Civil 3D users from Autodesk is the release of the new Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs (DMDA) tool. Maybe the DMDA is a utility? This Civil 3D and AutoCAD whatsit App has been in the works for way too long. Thanks Autodesk. It finally arrived.

The new DMDA will: test and validate all the wonky file and numerous, and notoriously, obscure…

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