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It’s a fact, Jack. You invested money in the world’s most popular civil engineering and design software.  You (or someone else) will have work hard to make the software run productively and publish your civil engineering design or survey work acceptably.

Every Civil 3D user and expert will tell you, “You need a Civil 3D template.

They’re right - sort…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags customization, naming conventions, standards, CAD Stamdards

Last post we splashed down and around the term Bucket to make Civil 3D Features a bit easier to get our heads around. There’s What, How, When, and Model buckets to AutoCAD Civil 3D Features. For all that strange stuff we have really only one chore.

Ripples in the Bucket

Each and every single Feature MUST have a unique name. This is an OOP (Object Oriented Programming)…

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The Jump Platform is a rapid Personalization environment for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Quick Personalization is perhaps a not so obvious process benefit of the Jump Platform's "project based development environment".

You can get a picture of why project based development is both an integral part of Civil 3D and why that is critically important to you by reading my recent Civil 3D Implementation…

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