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One of our Framework for Civil 3D customers recently discovered that a strategic visit to the Civil 3D Data Shortcut Manager Tool (DSM) appears to currently help reduce the size of Surface Data Reference container drawings rather significantly. Hoorah. The results may vary based on the content of the Surface Model and how the Civil 3D Diva

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The long-awaited Autodesk Civil 3D 2022.1 Update hit the street earlier this week. The Civil 3D 2022 Update 1 is a major set of new interface improvements, significant performance enhancements, and important fixes for Civil 3D. Don’t try to employ Civil 3D 2022 without it. This Civil 3D Update 1 makes our lives in Civil 3D Land better in a lot of…

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Every couple of years Autodesk commissions a competitive software productivity analysis study about current Autodesk Civil 3D functionality. The moist recent study published in June 2021 compares the use of raw AutoCAD 2020 to Autodesk Civil 3D 2020 in 10 mission critical survey and civil design common workflows.


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People wave their hands and talk about BIM, CIM, model-based software, and model-based design. What do these often used buzz words truly mean to civil engineers and surveyors?
Where does the rubber hit the road in our daily grind?
Maybe the answer is simple. Maybe not so much.

Model-Based is Simple and Elegant

It sure appears to take a while for people to discover the unexpected…

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AutoCAD Civil 3D demands a well-managed project model. Civil 3D real world performance depends on that managed Dynamic Model. This can be a painful lesson to learn at publication crunch time when work has to get out the door. You practice regularly to eliminate crunch time performance problems? Say what?

Pros Practice Execution

We must organizationally and personally…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  performance, Project Management, iPOD, Style, Style Management