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Out here in Civil 3D Land, we all recognize what I like to call Operations Engineering is the mainstay and/or core business for a great deal of survey and civil engineering work. Many commercial civil engineering firms are the public works departments for small towns and lots of pseudo/quasi departments and/or public agencies.

Infrastructure engineering,…

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We’re grinding through the last QAQC and packaging details of two major new releases of the Framework for Civil 3D 2020. The new Release 8 (NCS 6.0+) and Release 7 (NCS 5.0+) for Civil 3D 2020 will also update new, huge collections of Styles and Label Styles for our existing Framework for Civil 3D 2018.3 and Civil 3D 2019.2 customers.


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Over the last few releases of Civil 3D Autodesk has made a pretty concerted effort to improve the design, analysis, and the important annotative functionality of Pipe and Pressure Pipe Systems. Many of us who use Civil 3D complain about all of this for good reason. For many civil engineering and survey organizations this type of work in their projects is their bread and butter. Particularly in operational…

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People call me up and ask important things to them like,

“How many Pipe Label Styles does your product include?”

“Ah…Let’s see. Civil 3D Gravity Pipe systems are really well covered. I lost count. Then again, for example and as a matter of perspective, there are even 360 Pressure Pipe Labels Styles alone supplied in the Framework. They cover every type of…

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Someone calls me up the other day with AutoCAD Civil 3D Pipes questions. Mike asks if our Production Solutions products will solve his specific storm drain Pipes labeling problem for his local municipal jurisdiction. That happens to be a major US metro that’s currently under water – literally under water. I’m not laughing at Mike. I’m laughing with him.


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