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We’ve been talking about Alignments in AutoCAD Civil 3D as Design Control Manager (DCM) objects. Alignments are a bucket of buckets collector. Alignments are indeed a Management interface tool allowing us lots of access to the interfaces and tools of managed control. Certainly part of DCM functionality is Annotative what with View Frames and what not. Read more

Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  profile, alignment, publiish, publish on demand, annotation

Our old time AutoCAD mindset says,

"If I already made it, it is tough to recreate it. Fix it."

Civil 3D doesn't work that way at all. In this dynamic, model-based, and Style driven world, it’s all about iterations and repetitions.

Turn and Burn

We do the iterations to get better civil Feature data to publish.
We can also employ repetitions…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  publiish, iterations, management, publish on demand

If you train a bunch of AutoCAD using folk in AutoCAD Civil 3D you get some common questions. Errr. Actually these questions are usually formed as a statement. For example:

“We make a lot of stuff in our drawings that isn’t Civil 3D stuff. Civil 3D also seems to need lots and lots of Layers too. All these Layers are confusing. We probably don’t need them. Can we do anything about that…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  publiish, publish on demand, Style, Style Management

Lately I’ve been given the privilege of training a bunch of folks in AutoCAD Civil 3D who never used any Autodesk CAD product before. Some employed other CAD software and/or CAD like software. Some never even used CAD in any form before. They still got their civil and survey work done. They did without. Now they’re excited about the new possibilities before them.

They have an unexpected…

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They say, “Familiarity breeds Contempt.” It’s an oft studied neuroscience fact that we believe that others around us don’t get it as well as we do.
On the road to work everyone else is a bad driver.
The illusion is one of the most common failures of managers.
Ok. Translate “manager” to human being.

I Know Better

This seemingly twisted personal…

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