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July always reminds me of first steps, moonwalks, and moonlight minds. This makes spatial sense. This month we appear to be on sort of an Export points from AutoCAD Civil 3D bender.
In each Export post I keep meaning to put in the following moonstep but always seem to simply run out of room. So with a savage terrier dog draped across my toes in a state of fan-cooled repose,…

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People call me up and ask important things to them like,

“How many Pipe Label Styles does your product include?”

“Ah…Let’s see. Civil 3D Gravity Pipe systems are really well covered. I lost count. Then again, for example and as a matter of perspective, there are even 360 Pressure Pipe Labels Styles alone supplied in the Framework. They cover every type of…

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Are your plan set Sheet Sets taking too dang long to plot? What? You don’t preplot?

Are you still struggling with chasing around those final markups? You know the drill. You fix it. Bob fixes it back. We even do it to ourselves. Do we blame our project benchmark – or our henchmen? Do we just do that again and again?

Life is like Roller Derby?

Time to Whip it. This is controllable…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  project, publish, publish on demand, dwf, base map

What if someone built deliverable focused video training courseware for AutoCAD Civil 3D?
People ask for it. Why not?
What if that AutoCAD Civil 3D training included those bothersome real-world production details that simply drive you nuts?
What if the video courseware even included the intimate how to details that apply to all reasonably current versions of Civil 3D?

Civil…  Read more

People wave their hands and talk about BIM, Model-Based software, and Model-Based design. What do these words really mean to civil engineers and surveyors? Where does the rubber hit the road?
Maybe the answer is simple. Maybe not.
It sure appears to take a while for people to get to the unexpected consequences.

Model-Based is Simple and Elegant

We build…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  implementation, model, publish on demand