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We all want to talk about better automated Plan and Profile deliverables from inside AutoCAD Civil 3D. Heck. No, we don’t. Talk is cheap. We need the stinkin’ Labels to work for us not ag’in us. To win the war we have a lot to consider. Our old tactics may not cut it.

“This can’t be happing, man. This can’t be happening!”

Sure the Civil 3D Plan Production tools can create…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  deliverables, alignment, point group, video, publish on demand

They say everyone wants an AutoCAD Civil 3D built their way. Mostly, I believe civil engineers and surveyors really need their expensive Autodesk code to work and produce work that is acceptable to them and those that they deliver too. If that’s the goal of your AutoCAD Civil 3D customization, we can work with that.

We build and maintain the most downloaded, most used, and perhaps deepest…

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People ask,
If AutoCAD Civil 3D is so dynamic, why isn’t there a way to connect Alignments to Points?
Good question.

One pat answer is:
“Alignments have so many kinds of useful Alignment label styles we really don’t need that sort of formal relationship.”
If it’s all about the documentation and annotative problem for Alignments, then that…

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The Plan Production tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D have been around for many releases. They work as advertised, if you have a prepared plan. That implied warning is even built into the name. It follows ViewFrame Groups and their collected Frames are about publication. Some of their features and benefits are pretty restricted by their programmed genetics.

Are ViewFrame…

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Our Civil 3D video training blockbuster event - Better Deliverables in Civil 3D continues. The new Production Solutions Release 6 for AutoCAD Civil 3D delivers eye-popping action and special effects for civil engineers, surveyors, and government agencies of all kinds.

This is not an event with sound and fury signifying nothing.…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  alignment, deliverables, best fit, publish on demand, video