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We can employ Corridors to solve a lot of significant and common site design problems in Civil 3D. Albeit we do need some skill and practice. Corridor design methodology is more productive than the classic Feature Lines only approach. After all, Corridors can produce related and managed Feature Lines in bunches.

That nifty trick alone says we should consider and take Site Design with Corridors…

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The Design State. When we employ Civil 3D Corridors for any form of design the Design State matters. What is that?

When was the last time in a Civil 3D project you only had to employ a single Assembly? Ok. Sometimes even the good get lucky. A single Assembly that works alone seems to be the exception not the rule.

Assemblies seem to run in packs…

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To sub or not to sub. That is the question.
Do you employ the Autodesk Civil 3D stock subassemblies or your own custom PKT files versions produced with the Civil 3D Subassembly Composer to produce Assemblies used in Baseline Regions in your Corridor designs? As in the norm with the Civil 3D Diva, we soon discover there is…

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There is an intimate relationship between the Alignment, the Intersection, and the Corridor in AutoCAD Civil 3D. These are at the heart of Civil 3D world of managed relationships. Yeah. I know. Surfaces and Grading are mission critical to civil engineered projects too, but we already talked about that. The point is if you pay attention…

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As a surface and grading geek I must say I love the Corridor engine in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Yes. I still employ a Feature Line or two (and even some Parcel Segments and Figures in design grading). I attack almost everything grading with a corridor model.  Inside the Corridor Feature you get better horizontal, vertical, and cross section control, more output, better roundtrips, and more options. All…

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