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Do you still manually upgrade each and every Civil 3D template, Civil 3D Style resource drawing, and all your Civil 3D project drawings to a new Civil 3D Update or release? Yuck.

Even if your organization doesn’t quickly upgrade to the latest new Civil 3D release, there will always be Civil 3D Updates you must deal with.…

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You gotta love new Autodesk tools. They do tend to make the Civil 3D expert in us become a newbie with a click or two. This happens to me. It happens to you. Sometimes it’s actually the deep dark past, and not the new, that provides the proverbial rock we stumble over. Perhaps this short post about my most recent face plant will spare a few folks this sort of embarrassment and the ever-present specter…

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The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D comes with more blocks and Civil 3D Point Styles than you ever want to shake a stick at. That’s one reason surveyors and civil engineers love Jump Kit. They get to shake their own stick at Civil 3D and make it work for them instead of the other way around. Yeah. There…

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