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Maybe you noticed? There is a big difference between your Civil 3D model building drawings and your Civil 3D publication drawings. Are there are some other types and stages of Civil 3D drawings in between these two? Civil 3D Drawings have states or even phases. If we have phases in projects, then our critical path will probably include drawings that change type…

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Civil 3D ships with a bunch of templates. Historically in Civil 3D, our attention immediately gets drawn to Civil 3D Model Templates. Understandably, we want the pictures on the screen to make sense. Maybe you noticed that most of the Standard Styles don’t do that or maybe just barely. I argued from the get-go that Civil 3D Styles sooner or later become a content commodity. Civil 3D Styles should…

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There is an important fact surprises many people: Most of our civil engineering and survey customers already had their own set of Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles when they adopted the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. These folk recognize the simple fact that reinventing and maintaining the AutoCAD Civil 3D torture wheel is a significant waste of time, energy, and money. They…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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You noticed? There is a big difference between model building drawings and publication drawings. Nothing could make this clearer than our on-going Better Deliverables video training series on iPOD

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We have a bunch of new release AutoCAD Civil 3D customers. What are people waiting for?

It’s about time to rehash the essentials of Sheet Set Template customization. Honestly, nothing significant has changed very much since the release of the AutoCAD 2006 products – a nice tweak here and there.

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