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Early this month Autodesk and Keynetix, Ltd released the latest update to the Geotechnical module for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016. One supposes this is a preparatory release for the upcoming AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 release. That says - Geotechnical in Civil 3D will stay around. That’s a good thing.

Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention and not miss to all the other…

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We know everything about the mechanics of Surface creation in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Don’t we?

Civil 3D works. Toss in the Points. Pump in the Breaklines. Manufacture a Boundary. Create the Data Shortcut and we’re good to go. You know. It’s the same old Cha Cha Cha.

“Bob? Did you just make us more work?”

A customer asked if I had an end to end walk-through…

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Service Pack 3 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 was released by Autodesk in early June. Sorry. I’ve been kinda like the White Rabbit with the advent of Release 6.

The new SP3 for Civil 3D 2015 fixes some really annoying Export to AutoCAD (or should we say Dumb down to ACAD?) errors. There were some basic surface manipulation problems that occurred in 2015…

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This merry month I performed a rash of training and support for AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey and Surface creation. A recurring theme seems to be

“I know how to do this, but Civil 3D doesn’t do what I expect it to do.”

This wouldn’t be all that weird if the users were new to Civil 3D. We all know by now that AutoCAD Civil 3D isn’t your daddy’s CAD software.

In most cases…

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If you must employ both Autodesk and Bentley civil engineering software some more help has arrived. In late October Autodesk released the Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator (CEDT) to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 subscription customers via the Autodesk Subscription Center.

Do We thank the Converts

One supposes we have one or more Autodesk State DOT customers to…

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