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One of the Autodesk memes about AutoCAD Civil 3D is there are always a bunch of ways to get anything done. Variety is the spice of life. AutoCAD Civil 3D Point display is no exception. These varied methods to get to Point display resolutions are powerful. They can be overwhelming. That point may cause us disquiet or dismay. We can keep things the same and make ourselves more work or change our way…

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A recent Framework for Civil 3D customer posed a fascinating question this week.

“You’re the Civil 3D wizard.
What are a couple of things that Civil 3D does that people completely miss?”

Perhaps flattery works.

A Sweaty Summer School for Civil 3D

Here’s a written summary of my more than you ever wanted to know answer…

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Grid to ground in Civil 3D Survey is a hard corundum. It must be Ruby Tuesday. Say What?
Wait a minute. Isn’t today Thursday?

Dude. Ruby Tuesday is a reference to an old Rolling Stones tune.
They say the song is about the woman who left Keith Richards for Jimi Hendrix.
Hotter licks seemed to matter back then.
A corundum is a mineral, a crystal, a stone - aka a ruby.  Read more

Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  coordinate system, survey db, Survey, grid

The new advertised AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 features are not particularly focused on Civil 3D Survey improvement. Maybe that’s a good thing. If you already learned the benefits and tools of Survey inside Civil 3D, there is nothing serious to work up a sweat over. Right?

Where oh where did my COGO Editor go?

Some of our love-to-hate familiar Survey tools have moved around in the interface.


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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  Survey, survey db, survey figure, COGO Editor, Traverse, query, video

I sited my first house at the ripe age of 5. God knows why my parents listened to that youthful advice, but they did. Little did I know I had thereby condemned myself to a childhood of hauling groceries and wet laundry bags over a muddy road in the rain every winter. Trust me. It is possible to walk uphill to school both ways in a storm. As the only boy in our family bunch, the road rehab was too…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  survey, alignment, figure, parcel, intersection, survey db, video