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Before Autodesk University I posted about how to Stop the Intersection Wizard to create multiple interconnected Intersections in Civil 3D. Did you miss it? Our goal there was a Complex Corridor – a related and interconnected corridor model built and managed in part by Intersections.

I like to call the Intersection the Design Control Supervisor

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The Wizard is an operative fact in modern software. Autodesk programmers love to employ the beasts. Wizards do make workflow and user data collection easier to manage. AutoCAD Civil 3D has more than a few mission critical ones.

The current Civil 3D publication methodology based on Alignments is very wizard centric. Our discussions of many details of that became part of our Civil…

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What does an Alignment do in AutoCAD Civil 3D? That’s a loaded question. It pays to consider the doing of Alignment Features in C3D carefully. If we’ve used old-school, legacy CAD for a long time, we probably have some misconceptions about Alignments in Civil 3D. Autodesk invested a lot in their Alignment beast. That old familiar word is more sophisticated and more nuanced in meaning these…

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Software hopefully grows more intuitive. AutoCAD Civil 3D’s interface is better at it than the not so model-based software of the past. Features must behave in a more consistent and predictable way by definition. However “intuitive” means different things to different people. A change of context can be befuddling to the best of us.

We Don't Know When to Look for Directions

I ran…

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