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At times we feel setup, but this post is not about a con job. 3-3 merely seemed an appropriate date to talk AutoCAD Civil 3D setup. People say they struggle with the somewhat intricate details that the standard setup. Perhaps you think you’ve got them all licked. Maybe you do and maybe your don’t. I’ve been fooled into this dumb think more than a few times.

“We don’t know what…

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All this talk and words about NCS (National CAD Standard) Layer schemes for production and publishing and the complex relationship to AutoCAD Civil 3D View Features and Styles is enough to give me a headache. That reality makes many of us civil engineering and survey people want to ignore the entire boondoggle and go back to the past. Luckily for us we can…

View the Future


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Each week I do a FREE and LIVE training webcast (webinar) on some topic AutoCAD Civil 3D.

A hearty THANK YOU to all of you who attend, ask questions, and even point out my bad speaking habits (Right). Some catch what I did wrong at point A in these LIVE presentations. I'm blessed you are thinking and paying attention. That's what the webinars are there for.

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