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The latest and greatest Framework for Civil 3D 2022 products are on the street. Whew. Updates to the the Framework’s backend documentation and website support plays an important part in customer success with the products. We do try to pay attention to the details. I had the pleasure of rewriting the Framework Install instruction PDF to synch those written instructions with the supplied…

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit the streets this month. Microsoft isn’t calling these Service Packs any more for good reason. The Anniversary Update thankfully does more than that.
Oh, yes. A Windows OS update can be scary sometimes.
Will my working world change forever? Will I lose days of work? The list is endless. Most of the fear and consequences are often…

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I’m happy to testify that I did Windows 10 on all my Windows computers right away. Nothing to wait for. Sure I tested all my Autodesk apps and they ran fine in Windows 10 prerelease versions. Yes. I use more than one computer and more than one operating system too. Silly me. It’s a geek thing. Someone has to do it. Better me than you.

Be Thankful

It is that time of year.


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The month’s CadPilot Member’s AutoCAD Civil 3D Help and Training updates are a big deal.
Ok. Not so big a deal as the uproar over the free upgrade to Windows 10 that Autodesk does not YET officially support. Are they kidding? The operating system event comes as a surprise?
Isn’t Autodesk bringing 3D printing to our kids in conjunction with Windows 10?
If you…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  help, training, Civil 3D, windows 10, Update