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A few days ago I posted about the use of Light and Dark Backgrounds in Civil 3D.

This following interesting factoids about color publishing of exhibits and the other ACAD palette particulars came as a comment to that post. But comments to blogs do not always get always get read.

Another note: the default profile for Civil 3D 2011 employs a really interested background color in the light of the following information. Things change for reasons unknown. It helps to watch your back, revise your habits, or pull out your hair.

More on Color and Background in Civil 3D

Here is the full comment from Michael Partenheimer (Mike also reviewed the Jump in the AEC Edge last year!). 

Plan on plotting a color exhibit? Do you use a WYSIWYG color plot system? Then the Light Meat/Dark Meat background will present a challenge. That's because your WYSIWYG system is actually WYSIWTSSWKWAG (what you see isn't what they see so who knows what anyone gets!)

When your Model Space background is set to BLACK (or near black), it uses the dark background palette. The threshold appears to be 30,30,30 as the darkest background with the “light background” palette. A setting of 29,29,29 switches to the “dark background” palette.

So… For uniform color exhibits, all project users have to set their AutoCAD configuration to one or the other; either a “dark background” (0,0,0 through 29,29,29) or to a “light background” (30,30,30 and above).

It looks like the personal preference “I prefer black” can’t be permitted in a unform color "WYSIWYG" plot environment.

Need I say More!
A lucid (enlightening) comment!
Thank you for this Mike - TT