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The Most Important Training Tip Ever

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Each week I do a FREE and LIVE training webcast (webinar) on some topic AutoCAD Civil 3D.

A hearty THANK YOU to all of you who attend, ask questions, and even point out my bad speaking habits (Right). Some catch what I did wrong at point A in these LIVE presentations. I'm blessed you are thinking and paying attention. That's what the webinars are there for.

Getting Civil 3D adopted and working for YOU does matter to me for some reason :).

If you have a Civil 3D topic that you'd like me to cover, drop me an email (in every recording) or post a comment anywhere on this blog.
If you learn something by attending or watching the recordings, tell some other people about them. 
I'll bet they will appreciate it.

All Stumble In

I recently did what I call a "Stumble In" webinar on some of the Point and Figure basics of Survey in Civil 3D. There isn't much that is "basic" in Survey in Civil 3D. Powerful software is powerful.
We all learn software by "what does that button do?" don't we? Try this, try that, and hope someday it will make sense. This is normal, human and it works after a fashion. Do you REALLY have time to do that? "Stumble In" is an engaging presentation skill because it recalls that our common shared experience. It also serves to make the point that to be trained is More than an exercise in child-like behavior.

I train (retrain) skilled professional adults in Civil 3D for a living. I know More about Survey in Civil 3D than I probably want to and always less than I should. I DO learn something every time I train. Really.

What I know doesn't matter to YOU at all relative to YOU actually learning Civil 3D Faster and Better.

The MOST IMPORTANT training tip ever 

We used this MIF in CAD Pilot Jump Schools for years. It is still True with a capital "T". Time and change cannot change the Most Important Facts. Practice this tip and you will LEARN and KNOW More Civil 3D much faster and better.

Every time you Open the software. STOP. Hit F1. 
Read something you never read before from anywhere in the Help files and manuals.
Do this for More than a minute but less than five.

Whether you UNDERSTAND what you are reading doesn't matter. Huh? 
"Understanding" is the result of  associative memory and pattern making processes going on in your brain.  Whether you like it or not, most of that process is actually unconscious. As adults (our brains ARE different), we believe we are capable of determining what is important and what has priority. For NEW things this is a delusion, but we still think so. Adults cheat - expectation can become More real than what is.

You have to force feed the brain beast. The brain does make sense out of non-sense. The acceptance of that is what separates the learning rates of kids from that of many adults.

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