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The best thing about the model-based nature of AutoCAD Civil 3D is that its Features contain real civil engineering DATA. Civil 3D provides visual access to most of this Feature DATA via a host of tools called Styles and Sets. Collecting, standardizing and managing those tools what the Jump is all about.

CAD Visuals are Not the Whole Game 

The published Sheet is far from the totality of your project's engineering deliverable.

Civil 3D does a decent job of providing some basic Feature DATA reporting with some basic and simple personalization capabilities for your organization. Many of these standard reports can be found collected in the Toolbox tab of the Civil 3D Toolspace. The Toolbox list of reports isn't the ONLY way at a lot of the DATA available in and from Civil 3D. Frankly, someone could write a thick book on that topic.

Data transparency is about producing USEFUL information in the FORM people understand NOW to make better decisions.

The basic Civil 3D reports are often NOT enough to produce the contunuously developing quality control and reporting processes that good engineering practice must embrace. Therefore...

You Will Need Custom Civil 3D Reports

It is possible to learn HOW to do this stuff yourself. A basic understanding of the principals of DATA are an essential set of skills for every Cadpilot. We always taught the DATA basics at each and every Jump School. But being a Datadude or DataDudette is another job. It's really another very deep skill set entirely. I think AEC firms need Datadudes. They will need them More and More each and every year going forward. 

If you DO have BOTH skill sets and AEC industry skill, you will always have a job. But you may need More than one organization as a customer. Welcome to my world. :) Please, let me know what you do. I'm always interested.

Larger organizations always have data people on the payroll. It's a modern IT must, but getting at the (GIS, IS, or accounting) DATA people to help you get at the Civil 3D data you need NOW can still be a very significant challenge. Data people often have other priorities. They also talk in completely different languages than the rest of us :) Expertise does have that price.

Get the Specifics and Particulars Together FIRST

This is a mission critical part of the process to getting to useful results. Don't assume that people "understand" or even can "understand" what you need. All of the What, Where, How, and Whys are important to get down in WRITING and hopefully supported with some visual real world examples. This process takes some thinking, time, and doing, but it pays off. It also will reduce your real costs significantly. 

If someone offers to help you for a fee and does NOT make you do this, you will get what they are selling NOT necessarily what you may expect. That can often be More than OK. Good skilled people with both vision and understanding can do that. They may really give you a lot More than you expect. This is what innovation is all about. 

"It Can Do That?"

I still say, "Do the work." The benefit to you is in the understanding you gain going through the process of defining your problem.

Then CALL the MAN

The best custom Civil 3D report person I know is Christopher Fuggit who writes the Civil3DReminders blog. This week he has a good substantive post on basic .Net Civil 3D Report customization. Check it out.