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The Jump Platform's construction toolkit for Template Construction and Customization

The Jump Kit 4 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is now available for purchase and download.

Jump Start Services customers have immediate access to the new Jump Kit 4 2011.

Jump Kit

The new Jump Kit 4 2011 includes a Styles Library with literally thousands of documented and detailed Styles and Sets for AutoCAD Civil 3D and even includes our new More complete NCS 4.0 Symbol Set.
This new Symbol Set Technology that's built into every new Jump Kit product allows you to create custom Working Model templates with different collections of Styles, Label Styles, and other key resources in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Easy To Understand and Easier To Use

Need a "task-based" template for sewer network design, a basic traffic or intersection diagram, and/or most typical civil engineering tasks? It's only minutes away and it's EASY.

You can literally add thousands of NCS 4.0 compliant and Easy to Use Styles to your InstantOn Basic or even your own home-built templates in only a matter of minutes with The Jump Kit.

The new NCS 4.0 Symbol Set includes over 750 cleaned NCS standard and LDT blocks and even includes in-depth collections of Civil 3D Points Styles to match.

More NCS standard compliant civil utilities
    Fuel Oil, Industrial Waste, Irrigation, Communications and More
    More NCS Utilities Layers and Layer State resource built-in to match

More Monumentation and Property boundary markers
    with multiple display choices

More Site Features
    Many of the little things we all need all the time

More Traffic and Intersection symbols and Civil 3D Point Styles
     based on the classic AWPA standards

More Annotative Symbols

Want your NCS standard utility vaults with filleted or rectangular corners instead of the normal NCS elliptical edges - No problem. It's already in there in The Jump Kit.

Need to construct NCS compliant AutoCAD Block Tool Palettes for AutoCAD users? No Problem. It's as simple as point and shoot.

Get The Jump Kit and Get More Work Done Today

Someone is going to ask, "When will a 2012 version be available?"

Go Ahead...Hold your breath. We might take your breath away.

More is Possible