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Some of our Jump customers have requested More in-depth support for additional NCS compliant utlities and other common roadway and site features. This isn't rocket science, but reducing the tedium, cleanup, and CAD Standards issues for AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD is what we do. We mean it when we say The Jump is...

"A Higher Standard to Build On"

More of What You Need

Our recently released Symbol Set NCS 4.0 product includes hundreds and hundreds of NCS, LDT, and More standard symbols. It includes multiple collections of AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Styles in a well-organized and broken out library.

The National CAD Standard is short on standard civil engineering symbols. Those you can get are poorly constructed to boot. We just fixed that.

Do you Need Fuel Oil or Industrial Waste blocks for the latest survey job? Basic traffic signal and traffic control for the rehab project? A large collection of typical pavement words (Speed Bump anyone)? Property boundary and monumentation with a wide variety of choices built right in?

We believe you shouldn't be restricted or confined in any way. We've included the entire Blocks Only library in the Symbol Set NCS 4.0. All the blocks work in every AutoCAD based application from Release 2010 to the latest new release AutoCAD 2012. So if you work with AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD, or even AutoCAD LT users even in another release at your location you can help them out as well. Build them Tool Palettes in seconds.

Get The Symbol Set NCS 4.0 all for an inexpensive and simple site license price. 

Here are the major product details... 

The Symbol Sets adds More to common civil engineering blocks and Point Styles AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D Points Style Collections

The Symbol Set NCS 4.0 includes multiple complementary collections of
AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Styles that run in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012.

Every AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Style employs our innovative NCS "like" standardized naming convention based on NCS standard Key naming conventions. No more user confusion about what that Point Style is and what it's used for. Each Style name means something easy for every user to understand.

o Drag and Drop NCS Points Styles for almost any purpose to
     Civil 3D templates and any drawings in seconds
o Multiple in-depth AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Style collections
o Support for multiple utilities, traffic, property corners, common suburban
    site features, and more
o Collections of different standard versions of the common symbols
    o More choice and More detail
o Instant support for both Existing and Proposed conditions
     o Suitable for both Survey and Design applications
o Common graphic symbols and civil engineering NCS compliant annotative symbols
o All graphic standard compliant in textstyle, linetype, size, and layer

The Symbol Set NCS 4.0 also includes our entire Blocks Only NCS 4.0 product - A vast collection of Common Civil Engineering Symbols with hundreds of AutoCAD and Civil 3D ready blocks and library drawings. This collection of National CAD Standard, Autodesk Land Desktop, and Jump Platform AutoCAD blocks are all cleaned, standardized, documented, and Ready to Run.

o Instantly add NCS compliant resources to any AutoCAD based applications
o Supports All AutoCAD based products from release 2010 to 2012
o Construct NCS Compliant AutoCAD Tool Palettes in Seconds

Simple and Affordable because that Makes More Sense...

Symbol Set
Symbol Set

The Symbol Set installs in seconds and requires no code or special security privileges. The Symbol Set is a site license product and covers all users at a location for one price. Multiple site license pricing is available.

Are You Ready for More? Buy The Symbol Set Today