A Cul-de-Sac Design Heads Up

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One of the amazing things about AutoCAD Civil 3D is the depth of content available to you on the web every day.

Pay a Little Regular Attention

There are a whole cadre of good bloggers out there. (see the list on this page for a few). Here's a good example of that...


Cindy Davenport (known as the "c3dcougar" on twitter and elsewhere) has a great blog post this week on solving classic Cul-de-Sac grading problems with Civil 3D.

She shows you how to employ an "intermediate surface" to solve and tweak this classic design problem without resulting to old school method and practice. In her scenario Cindy employs a Grading Feature to create the surface. I might have used a corridor and some sneaky Offset Alignments...but I'm a Corridor Design Crazy. See videos here

You Are Not Alone

AutoCAD Civil 3D can and will change the way you work, solve problems, and accomplish tasks. This doesn't just happen. The knowledge, skills, and experience gets built up by many people and many organizations over time.

Regular access to that evolving Civil 3D knowledge base is key to your successful implementation and the development of your CAD Standards for Civil 3D. 

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