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What are thousands of counties, towns, agencies, consultants, civil engineers and their Autodesk Resellers going to do?
Customize AutoCAD Civil 3D from the ground up for each and every one or Personalize AutoCAD Civil 3D based on National Standards?

The WAVE is Coming…  

This is the reason I do this crazy little thing called Jump.

The Real World Civil 3D USER Problem Remains

Where are the "CAD Standards" for AutoCAD Civil 3D going to come from?
Where is that consistent working production environment we all need today?
How much money are organization's going to have to spend to make the tool work?
Who will do the real world work with customers in the "field" to solve the problems?

In truth lots of people are doing this and doing that well every day as I've pointed out in other posts lately. It is about cumulative knowledge and experience. 

Unfortunately, most of that effort must be directed and confined to the in-depth and specific needs of a few not the larger and more complex needs of the many. We simply choose to act differently. 

The Jump Platform remains the most practical, functional, and affordable solution to the AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles problem in existence. 
You don't have to "sacrifice" anything of substance by adopting and using Jump Platform products either.
You don't have to pay a lot to get it.
You may find those claims improbable but they are not impossible.

This year we've introduced Symbol Set Technology to the Jump. That is a built-in capability to support MULTIPLE CAD graphic standards within the Jump Platform.


In the not so distant future that will mean our Jump customers will have the ability to "pour" their project into different standards with a lot less effort.

I believe most civil engineers and surveyors want and often need to

Work the Same - Deliver To Demand

We chose to employ the National CAD Standards 4.0 as our first Symbol Set product release because that Simply Makes More Sense for More Customers.
We thought it made sense to make essential parts and pieces available to all AutoCAD product users so we also released a Blocks Only NCS 4.0 product too.
You might want to add NCS 4.0 Civil 3D Point Styles support to you own customized templates so you can even get the Symbol Set NCS 4.0 as a separate product too.

At the prices we charge for what you get with a Jump Platform product, More Customers is what it is all about. That equation is simple - Lots of customers paying a little or fewer customers paying More.

I happen to think most people prefer the "pay little" model.

In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 "versions" of the Jump Platform products.

If you purchase a Jump 4 2011 Product before Aug 15, 2011, you'll get an automatic 2012 upgrade too.

Mind you - ALL our NCS 4.0 2011 products already run in 2012. On release day we released the minor fixes. We've done that now for four consecutive releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Improbable Yes. Impossible No.

We could only get that continuous development feat accomplished with the support and valuable feedback of our customers, a lot of hard "sweaty" and detailed work, a supportive Autodesk development team, and a committment to a higher standard and the long-term vision.

A Higher Standard to Build On

If you've bothered to read down this far you're probably more than capable of doing all that work yourself. It's not rocket science. We think it makes more sense to join us. Then we can continue to raise the bar together.

Oh...and you don't have to work so hard.