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One of great new features of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 is it's ability to data reference Offset and Curb Return Alignment Features. I've already done some webinar training on this topic featuring a few things you can do with referenced Offset Alignments.

The new ability to keep your horizontal and vertical control separate and managed away from you Corridor models is indeed powerful and productive stuff.

Hey, but we still have to plot and deliver our Civil 3D model Features in traditional CAD standard formats too.

Get More from Alignment Features

More View Aware Annotation

Civil 3D Alignment Features always have direction. That's a good thing. This can make annotating them a bit of a pain - or NOT. For example: we may need Lefts and Rights of Station Group labels and/or some other forms of Label Style trickery to produce exactly what we want from the current Corridor model(s) Baseline Alignment and Profile pairs.

Things get a bit More interesting when we start to use those data referenced Offset Alignments to create easements and right-of-way from a Parcel Feature, or even storm drain utility lines for our Pipe network Features.

Traditionally, we also employed CAD linetypes to provide some of the graphic annotation we needed in alignments, property lines, easements, and even utility lines. A 12" RCP linetype anyone?

The Jump Release 4 products all include both NCS 4.0 and DOT standards linetype support and resource files. Nah. We don't give them away.

You cannot neglect history when you build a new and better future.

Hey, Jump products even include prototype alphanumeric textual linetypes so you can easily build More of your own linetypes on demand.

We Believe that it just Makes More Sense for The Jump to handle that essential stuff so you can

Get More Work Done

Alignments with Group Label Styles

As we wrap up the next BIG release of the Jump Platform (that includes new InstantOn NCS 4.0 2012 products and a new much deeper Jump Kit NCS 4.0 for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012) we thought we'd mention that the new Jump Kit includes a huge collection of new Alignment Styles and Major Station Label Styles. They can do some amazing and interesting stuff.

More View Aware Alignment Label Styles

View Aware Alignment "Linetypes"

You can have "View aware" Property Lines, ROW lines, Easement lines and just about every potential utility line you can think of. The Jump Kit's Alignment Styles collection literally exploded just because we can now share Offset Alignments and Curb Returns. Civil 3D Features are more powerful than old school CAD primitives so More is possible.

Corridors, Pipe Networks, and even Feature lines can, of course, produce the Alignment output when you need to create more annotative Alignment Features like the simple ones we show above.

Don't forget that Civil 3D Alignment Features also support Masking and some handy new Point of Intersection graphic functionality built into 2012 too.

The new Jump Kit NCS 4.0 for Civil 3D 2012 also includes support for classic DOT single and double digit stations with a whole range of optional display configurations and Label Style geometries.

Classic DOT Station Labels

You even get symbolized Labels. Masks are optional needless to say.

OMG. Why am I buiding styles?

Symbolized Alignment Label Styles

Did I forget to mention we even built new Annotative Profile Styles and Label Styles into the new Jump Kit NCS 4.0 for Civil 3D 2012 too.

The Jump Kit - Get More Flexible Style Choice Today

Stay tuned to this blog for More about the new Jump Platform. 

The Jump is...

A Higher Standard to Build On