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When we initially set out to build the Jump Platform for AutoCAD Civil 3D, we recognized it was going to be a long-term effort.  To meet the demanding real world CAD Standards need of thousands of civil engineering organizations is a daunting task. If you try it even on just your own home turf for basic graphics, you're in for a challenge. Sometimes is seems everyone has to have a DIFFERENT opinion. This burns time like a praire fire. But you know that already. It takes True Grit.

Don't Matter What it Looks Like

All good Model-based software is "Style" based by definition. The idea of Replaceable Look sits near and dear to the heart of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). In cowboy speak you might say, "Style puts the saddle on the horse." Yes, you can get places without it, but it's gets "a might painful after a bit". Style changes the RULES OF THE GAME for both you and the horse. We're after Replaceable Look - the right gear- and the right tool for the job.

We ALL Need

Simple Standard Block and Symbol Names

Our Blocks Only and Symbol Set NCS 4.0 products contain most of the essentential Symbol stuff civil engineering orgs need. Lots and lots of NCS and More symbols for both AutoCAD, LT, AutoCAD Map 3D, and Civil 3D (r2010-r2012).  Heck, we included the LDT legacy stuff and lots of other common standard Symbols.

The Symbol Set NCS 4.0 has all the Drag and Drop Point Styles (for 2011 and Civil 3D 2012 ). It even includes block graphic variations so you can choose your Point Style Replaceable Looks like you pick the painted ponies. You can bet on it. 

In the Jump products' heart is a simple and understandable Symbol Naming Convention. Who would have thought? Point Styles and blocks have the same names? Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound. Elvis may rise from the dead.

"Somebody save the poor boy!"

The Naming Rules are NCS Like

If you get the Major and Minor Key Structure of the National CAD Standard Layer naming convention,  you get our Symbol naming convention.

What's this - "V-UTIL-MHOL" or this - "V-PONT-Benchmark" or this- "C-PCNR-Quarter". How about this one? It's real tough - "C-TRSG-Controller". No rocket science.

When you're looking for a Property corner symbol you shouldn't be browsing through palettes of bizare 8-character legacy block and/or cell names made up by someone 20 years ago. Honestly, if I were AutoCAD Civil 3D I'd choke on that too.

The Symbol should TELL YOU what it does. Yeah. We did the same thing for NCS linetypes too. These little details matter. They help everyone's pain go away. 

If another office MUST have another picture...

"Ok. Fine. Please use the same name for your fancy schamsy version of the block."

When their stuff drops into your projects and drawings you don't have to put up with their preferential graphic treatment. Or you can....

The shades are up. It's now up to you. Moumt up.

Jump In and Manage It

Sign up, login and go to Downloads page.

Every day we give away the Naming Conventions in the Jump Standards Documentation and a whole lot More in the Free Jump.

"Somebody go back and git a sh#$%load of dimes..." - Slim Pickens at the toll booth in Blazing Saddles