AU 2011 Resistration Rushes Closer

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If you become a AUGI member, you'll get a bit of a head start on the Autodesk University annual class sign up rush. AUGI membership is free so it's well worth the price of admission. There are other benefits too.

The AU 2011 class catalog is already available so you can plan ahead. There are still some ripples in the preview. You certainly can't find all my classes yet by Speaker name for reasons unknown. Nah. It's not personal. The catalog is still just unfinished and incomplete.
All my sessions are listed in previous posts. Search for "AU 2011".

First Come First Served

Remember that sign-ups for the Leadership Forum on Sunday night and all day Monday (the day before AU 2011 officially starts) are on a first come first served basis. Only a limited number of people will be allowed in. A little birdie told me 400.

I hope to See or Meet you at the Leadership Forum and Autodesk University 2011.

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