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Growing People Skills at AU 2011

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At this year's Autodesk University 2011 I'm doing some participatory Unconference People Skills sessions for the first time. Surprise surprise surprise.

The Unconference People Skills sessions filled up in a couple of weeks. Based on "popular demand" I get the privilage to do some More and get to know some More of you too. Way Cool!

Register for AU 2011 and Sign up Quick

Thanks to all of you who signed up already...but remember I promise there will be homework.
Who says AU's "Herds of Nerds" aren't concerned about People?
We ARE all human at least some of the time :)

Human Reality is Powered by Expectation

Expectations can and do cause all people to pretend and behave like things did, didn't, are and/or are not._______ . We can and will each fill in the previous blank differently.

It's important to recognize the stuff, the picture, and even the conclusions we draw are something going on in our own personal and mutually shared expectations.

You might also notice that THOSE words we put there we agree on using but still MEAN something different when we talk at each other. Why this that? How does that work?

You can find out a lot More about People science and the practical realities of all of that in many of my Autodesk University (AU 2011) sessions.