AUGI Updates the Wish List System

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Speaking of things that have been in the works for a while and may get better...

More Freedom to Dream

There's offically now a new AUGI Wish System.

The front door through the link says it all folks...

AUGI has given it's members the opportunity to dream for many years. The concept of a wish list is a channel to tell Autodesk what they need to add, fix, enhance, or remove, to any given program. AUGI has two primary missions, one is to allow for peer to peer support. The other is a unified voice back to Autodesk to improve the products we love to use.

By participating in the Wish List System (WLS), your ideas, combined with the voting of your fellow members, is helping all of us achieve our goal of enhancing the productive, creative and efficient software tools provided by Autodesk.

Wish Upon a Star

That's the good news....the Baaaaaaaaad news is most of the existing Civil 3D wishes appear to be (in software terms) as OLD AS THE HILLS.

Someone forgot that time is always relevant maybe most of all...

How do I make a wish for changes in a brand new system?