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It's been a bit since I BIM posted. (There is no typo in the title.) That doesn't mean BIM is not important or I'm not very passionate about it. I didn't long ago and far, far away in another lifetime build a company monikered as "Visual Information Systems" without reason and design intent. It's a tell.

Lou Ruvo Brain Institute

(I apologise. That's an historical pun and More. I simply could not resist given that AU 2011 also is in Las Vegas. Will I see you there? The Leadership Forum before AU will be very interesting.)

BIM is Transformative

Getting down to or at the substantive practices of how real people employ what we now call "BIM" probably best defines what I do and get up for. Yep. It's a bit nuts, but I literally started on my papa's and my second cousin's knees (who worked with the most famous Frank) . 

How we design and build the real world is exciting and heady stuff. I know you know, there are real world economic and systemic consequences that stem from that.

All of us have to ask,

What Are They Thinking?

The BIM Transformation is happening in real time in perhaps some unexpected or expected ways depending on your perspective. I DO think you should notice this official press release from Autodesk and Gehry Technologies (another famous Frank) made on Oct 19, 2011.

I used a Market Watch link on purpose. Aside from the official and public group hug (which is interesting in and of itself), Read the whole thing and the not so fine print. Even AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 is in there and for good reason.


BIM is not an Idea, an Event, or an Enabling Tool

It's a Structure. a Process, and a Continued Act of Service for which someone must be paid for.

There is, in fact, something very "Civil" about it. 

I believe there are more I's in "Civil" for a reason too.

Information must be More Intelligent

People, that depends on us. :o