Daunting Logic from the 80/20 Rule?

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At this years AU 2011 Leadership Forum I'm hosting a session called

Outliers on the Road to Extremistan

"Does the “80/20 rule” actually apply to the context of human effort, results, and reward?
The basic math would mean that only 1% produce 50% of the results and receive 50% of the reward by aptly ignoring the most common of problems."

                        -The Author 

Hope you'll join us as we seek the improbable answers that Make More Possible! 

Here's what the session is about...

Are you one of these people? You learn and burn. You eat Change Management bars for breakfast and Fail Forward cups for lunch. Mindset Coffee is both enemy and friend. You see the need to seize technologies, shift the culture, and generate business—not just do business. They expect all that and pay you to do It—for now. Most days it feels like you drag them kicking and screaming along with you. You ask yourself, "Do the best just get better and do even more?" Join the People Technologist, Tench Tilghman, and fellow attendees for a special People Skills unconference session about us. Where we are as leaders today? What do we share and what do we battle in common? We will mutually explore and try to build a map to a more productive future in Extremistan. There will be a skeptic's homework and the post-humorous "Virtual Musical" won’t be shown unless time allows.

Key Learning

Develop a business leader's roadmap for the New Economy
Identify our shared management and leadership challenges
Identify key trends in the new economy that will affect our plans, structures, processes, and future action
Identify the management and leadership skills required to meet those challenges