Dummies - Try This Corridor Performance Trick

Tags performance, corridor, Assembly

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They use stunt doubles and standins in the movies for a good reason. It costs less, speeds production, and you even get a better result. You can use a version of this old Hollywood trick in Complex Corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D. It works like magic.

Use Simple Assemblies as Stand Ins

In Regions that are not essential Now, you can employ dummy Assemblies that contain simple subassemblies (or nothing at all - a Null Assembly) instead of complex ones you'll use in the end.

The new and better Corridor Edit tools like Match Region in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 make this trick even easier to use. It's almost as easy as Point and Shoot if you manage the Region properties with knowledge and forethought. 

This is so powerful in practice, we even considered including aptly named standard Dummies (Assemblies) as an integral part of InstantOn Basic.

In testing People seemed to get pretty confused about WHY we had these Assemblies that did next to nothing, didn't daylight, or whatever so we decided not do it. Ah Well.

But now you know the Rest of the Story so...

You Can Do It

Yes it's true. Sometimes you do need the real Harrison Ford. Wisely using him to do what he does best pays.