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A Being Civil post on the MAPCLEAN command by Seth Hall caught my eye this week.

Go Read It Because Order Always Matters

Parcels To Deal With

The Map Cleanup Tools are just ONE of THE most awesome things about Map 3D.

A little knowledge and practice with the Map Tools can and WILL save you and your organization from DAYS of useless and mindless work each and every month.
Map 3D is notably exceptional at dealing with and manipulating diverse data in almost any form. If you can't use Map, you are NOT.

For good reason I refer to Map 3D as

AutoCAD on Steriods

Everyone has to deal with other people's drawing and data junk and even junk and data of our own creation. My Civil 3D parcels from Offset Alignment Widenings above might be just such an example.

If you need to Dumb Down to almost ANYTHING to produce a digital deliverable from AutoCAD Civil 3D you're also probably going to have to massage the results.
Map Queries and MapExport allow you to automate that process with almost no effort on your part beyond an intial careful setup.

Did you KNOW the MAPCLEAN wizard can also produce VISUAL error reports. The Iterative QA is built-in by Design.

I could go on and on and on...

Repeat Until Complete