The Obvious Survey Hot Fox Released for Civil 3D 2013

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It took 20 days for the first Hot Fix to appear for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013. This one didn't surprise me a bit any more than it took almost 23 days for someone to comment of Chris Fugitt's ritualized April Fool's new fake product feature post for AutoCAD Civil 3D this year.

Yeah. Either the Map folks or the Civil 3D folks disabled some new ACAD stuff that he alluded at. Did you find them yet? It all depends on your View on things I suppose.

Focus is Critical

Unless you never employ Survey in Civil 3D you should download and install this new arx that addresses Survery Figure Property problems in the initial release. My file download came with the wrong name, so mind your P's and Q's.
If you want to edit a Survey Figure via the Figure Editor interface it is impossible without this fix.

Survey Figure Edits

Priorities are at Times the Enemy

Whether you employ the new Survey functionality and new workflow possibilities available since the SP1 Update for Civil 3D 2012 is another matter entirely.
The good Survey stuff is new enough that many people still haven't had a chance to embrace it yet.

So maybe that is something you should seriously consider.
You'll probably find you can save yourself a lot of time and man-hours after you get the hang of it.
Another bit of neuroscience fact for you.

Don't feel bad.
Act differently.

The bad feeling won't last nearly as long.

Check out my live webinars, webinar recordings, and search here for blog posts on Survey, Figures, and Surfaces here to learn more.

Get the Survey 2013 Hot Fix Here