Happy 30th Birthday Autodesk

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My how time flies and the world keeps on turning into the future.

Old Autodesk Logo

Autodesk officially turned 30 years old today. Congrats are in order.

Does that Mean We Can't Trust Them Anymore?

Sorry. I just couldn't resist.

Back then I was building nice hillside palaces in Marin for some of the new and growing tech crowd in the area. Actually about that month it was specifically for a corporate lawyer who was doing tech startups. Nah. He didn't do Autodesk's.  

Missed By That Much

We all know some of the famous names other tech companies that have come and gone since then - or maybe not. That was the dark ages.

It was the Days of the End of Big Iron

The land was dominated by a few giant technology companies who controlled how the world did business and did everything. All of them were too big to fail.
Oil Companies were accused of raping the world for profit.
Terrorists in Iran were holding the US hostage.
There was a construction worker riot at the Marin unemployment office that winter.
Most people I knew, including me, were worried about where to get job and how to pay for rising cost of groceries.

Is this starting to get a little creepy?