Lot Grading with Corridors from Windfarms?

Tags corridor, corridor surface, surface, grading

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Lots of folks are interested in Lot Grading with Corridors. Me too.
If you have to do grading work in hilly areas or even in the great flat, corridors rock and roll with the punches. This is true for every release of AutoCAD Civil 3D since 2010.
I've covered the topic in various webinars in every release. See some here.

The May 2012 Implementation issue of AUGI World has a great article entitled Wind Farm Infrastructure that covers most of the key bases and many of the little AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 nasties you're likely to run into while grading sites with Corridor Features.

No Wind Up Your Kilt

AUGI World May 2012

Please don't be put of by the title and/or the stated topic here.
Whether you're into the Green or not:
Read it, study it, and you will learn More than a thing or two.
The piece includes a number of great practical surface and grading with corridors tips.

Speaking of Green

The author is by an Irishman - Donal McMoreland
I have to say I love Donal's name. 
Can you really get More appropriate than that?
Thanks, Donal.
Now a man named Tilghman doesn't have to plough through the topic again for a wee little bit.
I owe you More than a pint or two.
Are you going to AU 2012?

I've full rights to kid Donal a bit about his world mighty name.
On me mum's side I'm blooded Scot of the clan McCrae. I can legally wear the kilted plaid. A Tench in a kilt? Gad, what a thought.
Check out the family castle that is owned by me not too distant cousin.


You probably recognize it. It's rather famous from a Highlander film or two.
Eilean Donan Castle is cold, wet, and often highland windy.
An AutoCAD Civil 3D Corridor or two could grade that site.