InstantOn Basic customer stumbled upon an "issue" with AutoCAD Civil…


2013 Parcels Out of Sorts in the Toolspace

Tags bugs, parcel, site parcel, toolspace

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A recent InstantOn Basic customer stumbled upon an "issue" with AutoCAD Civil 2013.
I thought I'd pass it around and give others the warning and the pretty unacceptable workaround (without pulling your hair out) until Autodesk gets around to fixing it or I find out I'm just stupid and missed the obvious.
Hey. It happens.

The customer had a moderately sized parcel drawing uphilled from an old LDT project and was pretty new to Civil 3D. So, when he told me the symptoms over the phone I first suspected this was data related or a user head space error. NOT.
It's apparently a C3D 2013 Toolspace "bug" related to panel sorts and/or refreshes of the Parcels collection.

In the Toolspace a sorted panel of the 250+ valid parcels in the drawing looks like this...

Toolspace Sorted Parcels List

Now THAT"S Annoying

Hey. No parcels appear in the list.
Yes the parcel exist.
There is NOTHING wrong with them except maybe the Names don't currently employ a Name Template and that property is enabled for all the parcels by default for the Site Parcel.
That shouldn't affect the display of the collection's list.
If you sort on any columns even once, no matter what you do you get nothing, nada, zip in the listing panel.

"I Remember" is Not Always Good News

Now that you've applied a sort to the Parcels panel in the Toolspace, Civil 3D kindly remembers your personal preference for that now useless sort somewhere in your Profile.
Have fun trying to find out where...
Now this is the ONLY list you get in the Toolspace for Parcel collections in any Site in any drawing.
Dumb and Dumber.

Things should at LEAST look like this...

The Default Unsorted Toolspace Parcels List

We should be able to sort on any of the columns in the panel and get a result.
Civil 2013 doesn't do this at the moment. Arrrgh!
It appears that the Toolspace is misreading the sort columns and their relationship to the Parcel collection objects. Ah well...

The Fix is Easy and Annoying Too

Reload the default (installation) <Civil 3D Imperial or Metric> profile and make yourself a new profile from that.
What you did this silly thing to your default Civil 3D profile?
You bad, bad boy.
You don't ALWAYS use a NAMED and customized profile?
Now you'll have to go Import another version of the default profile from that other infamous and godlike location.
Or you could Repair your installation to waste even some more time.

That is something many Adiminstrations are also famous for. :-(