A Cloudy Independence Day

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It's official. As of July 1, 2012, I'm now completely a "Cloud" based company. I have declared myself independent of a local network. local domains, local servers, and all the rest.

This blog and the entire cadpilot site is now hosted up in the "cloud". In fact parts of this site come from multiple cloud service providers, but most people would never know or guess it. That is the whole point, but NOT the reason for doing it.

Less Hassle Less Cost

Me and my companies have been employing what people call "the Cloud" long before it was called that of course. Many of you have too. It makes sense.
That being said, there's still this "control thing" that infests and infects our "network geek" minds more than a bit. This is a bit like a drug addiction.
We attach inappropriate emotional value to inanimate objects that will end up in the recycle center (and maybe should already be there).
What will I (we) do without all this STUFF to take care of on a daily basis?

Withdrawl Takes a While

All of us have to take a step by step approach to get there. There are REAL fears generated by REAL issues (that affect our paychecks, our work, and our sense of personal value) to overcome.

Happy July 4th

This National holiday is all about walking away, risking it all, and never looking back.
Yeah! It's gonna cost you.
I for one am willing to celebrate paying the cost. Are you?