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Whoa!  Today was suddenly the last day to confirm on accepted Autodesk University proposals. Where does the time go?
It's already almost the middle of July. We may all be bakin', but
AU 2012 will be here in next to no time. 

You DO still have time (a few days) to submit proposals for AU Virtual 2012 too.
Share your genius. No matter what you may chose do, it will be good stuff. 
It's not a reach to say,

"You'll learn more than you will ever teach."

AU Speaker 2012

Honestly, I've been so busy with other stuff like moving the business, moving and rebuilding websites, and serving customers (not to mention grinding out our new Jump Platform products) that I somehow forgot to mention,
I am officially speaking at Autodesk University 2012 again this year.
One of my favorite things...

Autodesk University 2012

This year I'm doing People Skills in a Roundtable (they're not called Unconference sessions anymore I guess). For the first time in a long time, I'm not doing a big room People Skills talk. Ah Well.
Maybe TV commercials and the facts about our human nature are boring in an election year. NOT. 
Maybe all us geeks have finally outgrown the need to understand the human race. NOT.
All is not lost. You can acquire some one on one People Skills in the following session:

One to One Applied People Skills

If we learn and understand the conceptual framework of the Seven Intelligences and their respecitve Seven Needs we have to Practice and Do them in the real world. This is a challenge and an opportunity. This participatory workshop is centered around active practice in the one on one enironment. We could call this an "Interview Skills" workshop but that would belittle the importance that the one on one human exchange actually plays in our lives. Active listening is a learnable skill. The problem is most of us spend most of our time barking for the attention that we need.

I AM doing a Civil Track seminar session for the first time in a couple of years.

Going to cover more than a few AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Tips, Tricks, and Workflows that arose from my work with a larger metro survey department. Talk about publishing to a LOT of different customers and gathering all the infrastructure stuff from almost everywhere - That should be all kinds of fun and interesting too. Here's the skinny on that session:

The Mechanics of Metro Survey
 An AutoCAD Civil 3D Infrastructure Case Study

It takes more than Vision when you are first on the ground and last to leave in today’s budget-tight, target-rich environment at the Silicon Heart of the world’s economy. Can the Survey Dept of a large urban/suburban metro teach us about how to practically implement, learn, and employ AutoCAD Civil 3D? The Dept’s ecosystem is a political and complex technical network that includes every known form of municipal infrastructure from the oldest state historic sites, high tech campuses, and a large international airport. Their historic and demanding customers work in a variety of CAD design and GIS software from ACAD to Microstation and beyond. They have gigabytes of historic data, multiple input data forms, and more output standards, reports, and changing job requirements than anyone ever wants to deal with. That’s the job. How do they and Civil 3D Survey deliver the technical muscle, quality assurance methods, standards flexibility, and productivity to Get ‘er done?

Don't forget that's it is already time to start planning on attending Autodesk University 2012.

See You There!