batch of graphene on this fine Independence Day weekend?



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Can we interest you in a batch of graphene on this fine Independence Day weekend?

Honestly, after becoming a science experiment in shear; a testimony to the fact of Systemic Failure; and a exercise in Orwellian technical support services, we simply changed everything.

Innovation is Driven by Demand

Project things take time as you well know. Changes happen. Project scope changes. How about this one? Did you know the nuns rented the Roman Coliseum as living quarters for a couple of centuries. Could we? Would we? - convert the Astrodome to condos? Didn't we already do that?

Seriously, the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 release won't be the latest new build of our Jump Product Solutions. Our release cycles have little to do with the official Civil 3D ones anyway. Come on folks.

You do have to think differently.

Our products run in multiple releases of Civil 3D already. We supply NCS compliant Civil 3D templates, Civil 3D Style libraries, and other vital, integrated resources that make AutoCAD Civil 3D run and plot out of the box.

How Do They Do THAT?

Nobody else does that. No one else even tries to do that. You might wonder, “What are they doing over there?”

It isn't rocket science and neither is a new website. It is a lot of work like any other important project. It's a lot of managed structure and process. I suppose God thought I needed the practice. I do. We all do.

Workflows Change Because We are Human

We trust that we made finding mission critical resources on easier for you in your long-term process and structured engagement with AutoCAD Civil 3D. You do have a structure and a process to do that, don't you?

Here's an overview of some of the

Many Website Changes:

  • Products or Solutions – one page descriptions and purchase, better pricing, and easy to understand licensing
  • In depth Resources
  • The Jump On Civil 3D Blog – thousands of pages on vital topics about Civil 3D and related matters. Topics like implementation, customization, management, and usage. Lots of helpful tips and tricks too.

  • A new search engine – for most terms it produces acceptable results with less skill required

  • We formally tagged every post in a more consistent fashion to allow you to narrow things down to things that matter to you quicker. The Top Ten Tags are published on every post page.

  • The blog archives are conveniently listed by Year and Month and now appear on every blog post.
    They are also published in a long chronological list separately.

  • The posts are have redirects so your older saved favorites should still show up.

Work in Still in the Mixer and in Progress

  • Logins with your old User details – I hate to retype too

  • Members Pages

  • Download pages

  • Porting pictures in posts - ongoing

  • Really old (but often useful and helpful) posts

  • Better Tablet responsive sizing or off-canvas sidebars

  • cache performance improvements

  • Never ending SEO tweaks

  • The AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 port of the Production Solution products

Will that be clearer, stronger, and more flexible like processed graphene?

For those with a technical bent the new is powered by:

  • modx - a open source Content Management Platform – it really is more than a CMS

  • Bootstrap 3.1.2 ( 3.2 by the time you read this)HTML5 CSS foundation – thank you for statistical sanity

  • MySql and still a bit of MSSQL – the more dbs the better

  • Apache

  • Amazon Web Services - Dah

  • Development servers Ubantu 14.04 distro , Microsoft Server 2012, MSSQL 2012

  • Honorable mention to multiple releases of Visual Studio and SQL Management Studio

  • Development workstations

    • Linux Mint Cinnamon 16 and 17 distros

    • Windows 7

    • Windows 8.1

    • Various flavors of iPhones, Android phones, and a tablet or two