2015 Release Production Solution products are on the street and available…


Website Forward and Install Instruction

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The 2015 Release Production Solution products are on the street and available for download.
Whew! Next…
If you have a new product, you need a new install video. Right. Not. Well, we really did need to deal with people moving to Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7 for the first time.

The new 2015 Release 5 install videos are here. The first install videos are live on the site. There will be a short series of these covering more in-depth setup details.
Even if you don’t use our products the internal Civil 3D mechanics we cover in the install video might save you some pain and anguish in Civil 3D Land.
If you employ the Civil 3D Survey tools, there’s a great video on Survey setup mechanics on the site.
Yes. You need to be a registered site member to see and view the install videos.

Cadpilot.com is once again accepting…

Member Registration

Funny thing. We had the whole site done and then the Russian hack appeared. The hack didn’t really affect us. Double whew. But, just in case, we launched the new site last month without member registration and login.
We did yet another site security double check.
This involved a certain amount of systemic double think as security issues often do.
We were good to go.
Site registration and logins (click the login icon (the little man) in the top navbar) went live on Saturday.
*Only an old school LISP programmer would do the nested parentheses thing – Weird Al would be horrified. If you don’t know why Weird Al would be horrified, watch this video. Great fun.

KISS Me Stupid

On the new site we take the minimalist approach to user registration.
Your email address does have to work. We now employ the typical email account response authorization processes. Same is true if you forget your password or if you want to reset it.
All typical modern web stuff that we are all familiar with.

No. Our privacy policy and terms of use did not change. We won’t spam you or sell your email address off to the ObamaCare call centers either. Who knew you were signing up to be on a cold call list?

To Our Customers

If you are an existing customer, we’d also like you to register again on the site and complete your site User Profile specifics.
We can port your user accounts from the old site, but we’d rather you get to choose the details you share with us. If you want download access to your product downloads from the site, please register and send an email to support@cadpilot.com. We’ll grant you access product download rights to your new account ASAP.

Media Schemedia

Nah. For the moment at least, we decided not to allow folks to sign up for the site with your existing social media logins. If you think that would be a good idea or not, please let us know.

Next up more video blog posts and site performance improvements. Oh Boy!

What’s that?

Yeah. I know that I do need to wrap up the Layer Standards series of blog posts and link them together properly. Thanks for reminding me. It’s a bit hard to be politically correct when discussing Organizational Keys. (grin) Lots of careful editing required.