2015 Corridor Points at Work

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Lots of us must output sections. Sometimes it’s a single section; sometimes that means pages and pages of sections. There’s certainly no doubt that Section View production and specifically Section annotation is one of the more complex tasks in AutoCAD Civil 3D (lots of posts about Civil 3D sections here).

The Section production task potentially involves a great many Styles and Label Styles. These have to work together – hence it’s one reason we have Code Set Styles. The Production Solutions are good at the Section production tasks. The products provide you with choices of annotation labels that are built to work together.

Work the Same and Publish on Demand

In AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015, Autodesk added the Corridor Points Section Label Style to perhaps blunt some of the pain.

Corridor Point in 2015

Do Corridor Points in 2015 Work? Do they save me time and hassle? Better yet,

How do you get Corridor Point labels to work?

Here’s a short video on the topic. It is more than a demonstration; less than a half day training class; and yet in a matter of minutes it contains what we really need to know.

A note of warning: It appears that help for Corridor Points can really only be found in the New Features topic of the current version of the AutoCAD Civil 3D help file.

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