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No. I am not going to talk about producing animations in 3Ds Max or concept visualizations in Autodesk Infraworks 2015. True. When I grow up maybe I do want to be a Max Head; wear long, black-leather coats; and produce SyFi flicks and games.
In the meantime, your Plans Sets come first.

If you can’t see the many representations of our mastery of AutoCAD Civil 3D Style, what good are the Production Solutions products to you? All InstantOns come with an entire Project because of that problem AND a host of other important reasons. I’ve certainly posted on those mission critical reasons before.
Sometimes, I can neglect to talk about the obvious visible things…

Corridor Mastery in a Drawing?

Imagine a single drawing where you could see and learn just about everything we need to know and do to become of master of corridor construction, edits, and publication in all its many forms. If I told you I’ve taught a week of “basic” and “advanced” Civil 3D classes both live and on-line out of this one Civil 3D drawing, would it surprise you?

“Yeah right?”, you might say.

All InstantOn Release 5 products (Yes. Even Templates Only) include such a drawing – the Example Corridors drawing.

If you use AutoCAD Civil 3D, you must have one of these.

“But we don’t use corridors?”, you say.

The Sandbox for Civil 3D

You still need one. Trust me. If you had one, the drawing would take a lot of hits. Maybe there would be copies of copies.
You’re really not silly enough to tweak Styles and Sets in your live project drawings are you?
Of course not.
Nobody works to create pain and anguish for themselves and others, do they?

I’m a recovering Cadpilot. You can’t fool me…I still do it to myself because I forget, don’t think, or zone out. We’re human.

Linear Corridors

Want to understand a bit more about traditional linear corridors?
There are other kinds of corridors like polygonal ones, you know. There are lots of kinds of corridors to cook up. See this post.
Roads, berms, dikes, and ditches are the what that most of us need to do inside Civil 3D.
Maybe this video tour of some Linear Corridors from the Example Corridors drawing can help you.

First a two minute introduction to Example Corridors

Short Introduction to Example Corridors in Production Solution Products

What is the Project and the purposes of the supplied Example Corridors drawing.

Capabilities and functionality of Linear Corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

A video walk-through of Corridor design and Style, Set, and Publication functionality and tasks.

Coming Soon - Corridors of the Third Kind