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MoreCompetency released an AddOn to Parcels and Alignments for Release 5 Jump Kit customers who run the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and Civil 3D 2014 releases this week.

The AddOn brings up some classic AutoCAD Civil 3D quandaries that the capabilities of Style are so helpful to resolve for us all.

Don’t Be Eroded

We performed minor updates on existing Jump Kit Parcel Styles and Area Label Styles.
We also included some new Erosion Control Parcel and Area Label Styles too.

The Parcels library drawings in the Jump Kit library should be overwritten by the new resource files provided in the AddOn download.

Get Aligned and Labeled

We added additional annotative Alignment Major Station Labels Styles to produce typical labels for linear structures used in Erosion Control. Both text only and symbol type Label Styles are included.

Hey. If we supply the Locations by Point Style for erosion control, we should do Areas (Parcels) and linear (Alignments) types too.
I trust you’ve noticed that the location, linear, and boundary data questions will commonly raise up their heads.

  • Is this an AutoCAD Civil 3D thing?
  • Is this a discipline professional thing?
  • Is this regulations for the sake of something to do?

Is that Straw Dam a point, a linear structure, or an area?

It, of course. depends on your current place and perspective in the Quantum universe…You know that wave and particle thing that comes back to haunt us time after time.

You Make the Call

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