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We boldly make the claim that our Production Solution products are a “Better Standard to Build Standards On”. There’s nothing farfetched about our claims. They are really quite fetching you see. By design we’re committed to making that standard more real in a continuous and substantive way. We’ve been hard at work. In case you missed it:

Early October 2014 releases:

  • New and updated set of our Open Civilized Keys.
    The agreed meanings and names of things in the civil engineering and survey disciplines is important to improve.

September 2014 releases:

August 2014 releases:

  • The latest Release 5 Production Solutions products that support 4 releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D including AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 all the way back to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012.
  • Release 5 includes a full line of products for Civil Engineering and Survey design professionals organizations of all sizes and shapes
    • An in-depth set of flexible, consistent resources that simply make Civil 3D work
    • Standards development Resources and Tools that help civil and survey professional work better together and with others

July 2014 releases:

Standards to Build On

What does that really mean?

Easy to Learn Well Documented Products

Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D all our Style tools are documented in-depth.

  • Every user can see and understand what all the tools do and how their available choices differ in detail.
  • Our in-depth external documentation extends to every file and folder for every resource.
  • Our complete development , training, and demo project dataset is documented in depth and in detail.
  • Hours and hours of in-depth on-line video recordings that support all the Features and functionality of our tools at work inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Easy to Install, Deploy, and Implement

The typical product install takes a few minutes.

  • Product installation requires no special security privileges
  • No special installation or management skill.
  • The default installation won’t even effect an existing Civil 3D installation.
  • Won't effect AutoCAD Civil 3D third party applications or code.

Easy Customization

Our products are continuously developed and built from the ground up to be customized.

  • The Civil 3D Production Solution is the only product line of its kind available anywhere in the world for any price.
  • Most customization involves the simple act of choosing what you want and removing what you do not need today.
  • We supply the built in tools, structure, and project resources you need to perform the customization process and maintain it for all your users and different types of projects.

Affordable Productivity

The Production Solutions Release 5 products make AutoCAD Civil 3D instantly more productive, more capable, and easy to employ in real world survey and civil engineering projects.

We do all that for a price that any organization can afford.

Plan to Execute

By now we all know that AutoCAD Civil 3D requires a planned, systematic environment to perform its magic well. Put another way: To do nuanced documentation and design of complex things you have to be detailed and nuanced even in the setup – especially in the setup. You might want to say that doing that well is pretty fetching indeed and...

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