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Are you looking for a great course in beginning AutoCAD Civil 3D? You should try out Jon Michael Roberts’ course Up and Running with Civil 3D on Lynda.com . We have to say, “Thanks Jon.” Surprise…surprise the course features our Production Solution products. Wonder Why?

Important Things You Cannot Afford to Miss

If you want AutoCAD Civil 3D to work for you, our products make AutoCAD Civil 3D work out of the box. Our product support multiple C3D releases including 2015, 2014, 2013, and even 2012.

Our InstantOn Basic, InstantOn Survey, and Jump Kit Production products also include a full project dataset. You can learn to use the product in a real-world, production environment with Civil 3D templates, Styles, and Sets that produce plan set ready deliverables.

The Product with the Most is the Most Affordable

Jon’s Lynda.com course recommends using Jump Kit, our most popular product.
It is easy to say, “Yes” to a product that delivers thousands of working Styles, in-depth resource files, and customization tools that work.

Need to see more to believe?
Watch the Up and Running with Civil 3D training course here
Visit our Video Training pages to see more.

Get up and running with our trial product Templates Only available here.

Eric Chappell’s course, Basic Roadway Design with Civil 3D, is also available on Lynda.com.  The course is a great introduction to corridor construction. See more about Linear Corridors and Non-linear Corridors in AutoCAD Civil 3D on this blog’s video pages.