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Anyone who trains and helps folks in AutoCAD Civil 3D runs into the “All in one” drawing. In this drawing the user builds the existing surface. The drawing also contains the design alignment and profile data too. Maybe they even get as far as an attempt to build a roadway rehabilitation corridor to repave that city street. Maybe at that point they realize they are stuck. How do they test options without destroying the work they have already done?
Tragically, they perhaps don’t actually recognize that fact. They could not do tasks like that before in CAD without a lot of work, so “forget about it”.

Manage the Dynamic Model

Civil 3D doesn’t require you create data shortcuts (the links to the data) or data references (the referenced external data) in your drawings, but you do have to employ a project and manage the resources. If you don’t employ a project in some form, you’re just making things overly complex and confusing. You are working way too hard. No wonder Civil 3D seems both cumbersome and confusing. Used this way (without a project) I’d say Civil 3D will always become problematic.

The idea of publishing from such a beastly drawing makes me want to cry. I much prefer to laugh.

Walk Away From the Boo Who, Booboo

Most folks know the famous Yogi bear’s passion is the picnic basket. All the goodies are in there. His problem is how to get it. Booboo, his sidekick, constantly reminds Yogi that his focus might cause him problems. If we approach Civil 3D like Yogi we develop cartoon like problems - only maybe these problems aren’t so funny.

I’m like Yogi. I also don’t listen to my inner Booboo bear. I make myself picnic basket drawings all the time – everyone does. The trick is to know how to dig out the goodies. This requires only a little more Civil 3D skill combined with our old known AutoCAD skills. Nothing works better than a video or a cartoon to make us smile and laugh all the way to the bank.

Enjoy the beyond the basics subtleties in here!

Data Shortcut Creation

There are actually some good Civil 3D stylish reasons to have a Picnic Basket drawing. See this post.