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A Managed Dynamic Model depends on systematic and managed and use of AutoCAD Civil 3D Feature centric Data References (DREFs). Technically, AutoCAD Civil 3D does not require a project connection to function. Instead is supports a more flexible and practical mechanism – association. Therefore, Civil 3D is actually more dependent on project structure, organization, and an ongoing project maintenance process.

My Drawing

In the old school CAD applications we tend to think that the current drawing is the center of the universe. We even talk about "My drawing" all the time. You cannot use Civil 3D with this old school CAD mindset.

In Civil 3D, we must think "Dynamic Model" - interconnected Features stored in many drawings.

It's unlikely that our classic CAD project structure is going to be effective at managing the Civil 3D Dynamic Model without some thoughtful and educated revisions.

Dynamic Means a Change of State

Features you create within the Model may need to get moved inside the Project Structure because they change "state". Features become direct References to other new Features as your project moves through the phases of your design process.

Ignore this practical FACT OF LIFE at your peril.

Project Templates are More

Our UDS (Uniform Drawing Standard) compliant Project Template structure recognizes that you have a Model from which you will publish you work. Within the Model there are common tasks which have to be performed. There are direct References (both Xref and Dref) that may change. There are indirect References like Existing Conditions that change much less, require restricted access to changes, and/or don't get published at all and yet remain important to the project.

There's More to a Project than That

The Civil 3D Project Template is potentially than more than basic project folder setup.

In a Civil 3D Project Template, we can even do set up work for future Model construction with simple "placeholder" Features and drawings before we even have started the real work. As we work we may be just replacing parts in a standardized project Model. That certainly beats redoing and retooling the structure every time.

To save download space the Product Solutions Project Template does not include drawing files with pre-built placeholder Features. Your personalized Project Template probably should. How much of your "standard" published Sheet Set deliverables you put in there is something to continuously work on too.

Civil 3D's Feature DATA driven model and "automated" Style driven annotation is a huge productivity advantage. The thousands of Styles in Jump Kit make that clear. The Production Solutions Model Templates and their Styles help you immediately take advantage of that.

Your "standard" Project Templates and Sheet Sets should be developed and maintained to take full advantage of that stuff. More than one type of Model Template is usually a necessity for most firms. We have different kinds of work and different kinds of deliverables. That's why we propose and include 00_Resource folders as an ACTIVE and often needed part of a Civil 3D project.

We supply a working Project with our products. We are not just showing off some Style and Set tools. We supply it because most people probably need the FUNCTIONAL example of a working project structure too. We even add documenting PDF files to folder so you and your users KNOW what's supposed to be there.

All we can do is provide you with a Better place to Start with your Civil 3D Project Template.

Every project you work on should help make YOUR Civil 3D Project Template(s) get better.

It is easy to miss the fact that Civil 3D enables you to gain systematic and incremental productivity.
The miracle only happens and works if you plan to do it.

What you get with AutoCAD Civil 3D out of the box is NOT enough.