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Sweet New AutoCAD Civil 3D Symbol Sets

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A new update to our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and Civil 3D 2014 is on the street. No one can resist a sweet Valentine’s treat even if you get it late, can they?

More Symbol Set Continuous Improvement 

We include lots of changes to our Symbol Set products better and more useful to AutoCAD Civil 3D users of all flavors.
A new build of the Symbol Set with additional requested symbols:

  • New – Utility Collections symbols for more forms of utility infrastructure
    • Cable Systems
    • Fiber Optics Systems
    • Recycled Water Systems
  • New - Square Versions of all Utility System symbols
  • Complete Civil 3D Points and Points By View resource drawings
  • New – In-depth additional Points ByView resource drawings
  • New – InstantOn Standard Symbols in separate folders and files
    • Allows users to customize InstantOn symbols faster
      See the Legends and List video
    • Complete NCS (National CAD Standard) civil/survey symbol systems
    • Easy to customize Point Style libraries
    • Easy creation of AutoCAD Tool Palettes
  • New, improved, and updated Documentation and graphics
  • Minor Updates to Erosion Control released in 2014
  • Misc. Fixes to symbols
  • New builds of all the AutoCAD Civil 3D Symbol Set resource and support files

What’s in the most complete, in-depth, managed Symbols collection for AutoCAD Civil 3D? Find out here.

2015 and 2014 InstantOn Survey, Symbol Set, and Jump Kit customers can login and download the new resources today.