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The Jump on Civil 3D blog is one of the longest running and deepest resources that covers the complex diva that is AutoCAD Civil 3D. The odds are today you may not need the knowledge, skill, and wisdom in this particular post. Search the blog and you shall find. This post is the exception to the rule.

In this blog I strive to provide a structure and perspective to the systems and parts of Civil 3D. In other words a framework to hang the complexities of your current circumstance upon. We know the current can be frustrating.

I am certain some folks wish I did more specific Civil 3D How tos. I do them. Based on lots of training experience I believe recorded videos do a better job at that than the classic blog format of mixed text and pictures for most CAD users. Most of the time the context matters.

People do forget that adults tend to falsely employ personal context to disqualify information. We cannot help ourselves. Humans are hardwired to do this. Learning requires we combat our inclinations with discipline.

When we struggle to solve an immediate problem, we don’t like to hear we should have worked at our understanding earlier. Arrrgh!

The Most Important Training Tip Ever

  1. Every time you Open AutoCAD Civil 3D. STOP. Hit F1
  2. Read something you never read before from anywhere in the Help files and manuals
  3. Do this for more than a minute but less than five

Whether you UNDERSTAND what you are reading doesn't matter.
You’ve got to be kidding?

Human understanding is the result of associative memory and pattern making processes going on in our brain. Whether you like it or not, most of that process is automatic and unconscious. Adult brains are different. As adults we believe we are capable of determining what is important and what has priority. For new things this is a delusion, but we still act on the false assumption. Adults cheat – our perceived expectation becomes more real than what is.

You have to force feed the brain beast. The human brain does make sense out of non-sense. The acceptance of that is what separates the learning rates of kids and disciplined adults from that of many other adults.

Learn to Study Like a Child